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Paneltronics Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Paneltronics is looking back at its humble beginnings and considerable growth since 1979.

The Pelaez family

In 1962, Pedro Pelaez, Sr. fled the communist regime in Cuba to pursue a better life for his wife and children. Like most immigrants, he left everything behind, including a successful boat building business, in pursuit of the American dream. Armed with his prior experience as an entrepreneur and an unwavering work ethic, Pedro was determined to succeed and provide for his family. The American dream would become a reality for the Pelaez Family.

In the years that followed, Pedro successfully started two businesses in the US. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to yet another venture: providing instrument panels to OEM boat builders. His prior experience building boats, coupled with new knowledge gained from his existing businesses provided him the necessary foundation to pursue the opportunity. More importantly it gave him the chance to start a new business with his preferred partners: his sons Pedro Pelaez, Jr. and Raul Pelaez. In 1979, Paneltronics was born and incorporated with three members of the Pelaez family. Shortly after, Pedro's youngest daughter, Anif Pelaez became a partner in the business too.

From the start, Paneltronics' mission was to provide the absolute best instrument panels and service to OEM boat builders in South Florida. Keeping that vision in mind, the family rolled up their sleeves, made phone calls and knocked on the right doors. Sales started coming in and Paneltronics began to build a reputation both nationally and internationally, for their dedication to quality and service; one that still stands today. By 1985, their rapid growth got the attention of Inc. Magazine when they were featured as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Despite much success in the marine industry, by the late 1980's the Pelaez family realized they needed to expand their product offering and diversify into new markets to remain viable. Today, Paneltronics manufactures instrument panels, circuit breaker panels, power distribution units, electrical enclosures, box-build assemblies, components and a host of unique specialty assemblies. They serve a variety of industries including transportation, construction, golf and turf, specialty vehicles, generators, recreational vehicles, fire and safety, and military among others. Paneltronics has not only adapted to the needs of a changing world, but risen to meet its challenges.

In addition to using innovative technologies and processes, they are proud to manufacture in the USA and have no plans to change. It's their way of saying thank you to the country that afforded them the liberties they enjoy today.

35 years after opening their doors, Paneltronics is still a family-owned business, and the Pelaez family is still working together. Their unwavering commitment to customers, partners and suppliers is made possible thanks to a dedicated and loyal team of employees. Together, their insistence on quality, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs remains the company credo and has resulted in the company growing far beyond its humble beginnings and well into the future.