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Mounting Frames

Decorative aluminum mounting frames eliminate the pressure of making an exact cutout for the panel to fit in and are available in three designs: high profile, slim, and recessed slim. Recessed and high profile frames recess the panel to help prevent accidental turning on or off of circuit breakers. In addition, a smoked or clear Plexiglass door may be installed for added protection of the panel.

Slim frames are ideal for smaller areas; the flange is only 7/8". All frames are available in custom sizes to fit your specific panel configuration. They may be used to accommodate multiple panel combinations and can also be hinged to allow for easier installation and future service of the electrical system. Designed for the marine environment with durable materials, these frames create an elegant, finished look.

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Mounting Frames benefits:

High Profile Frame benefits:

Slim Frame benefits:

Recessed Slim Frame benefits:


Paneltronics' IAFS (Independent Access Framing System) provides easy independent access to the AC and/or DC panels, mounted in a single frame.

These attractive Frames are custom made to any size and fit most panel boards.

Partitioned enclosures are also available for additional protection to the back of the distribution panel(s) and offer full compliance with ABYC

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