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Paneltronics designs and manufactures custom enclosure box-build assemblies that efficiently consolidate multiple parts, components, and functions into a central control unit. These pre-assembled units can be designed for use in engine rooms, engine compartments, or any conveniently accessible location where centralized control is required.

Our engineering team carefully evaluates every design element and incorporates all specifications for size constraints as well as mounting, vibration, environmental and accessibility requirements. These are coupled with the specific electrical and mechanical requirements to design an optimal, cost effective solution. Our team can also design turnkey solutions from concept to finished product or build-to-print to satisfy specific OEM customer requirements.

These high quality enclosures are designed for rugged environments such as off-highway, heavy truck, construction, or marine applications. They simplify installation by reducing labor and providing a central location for operation and/or troubleshooting.

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Paneltronics' enclosure box-build assemblies provide efficient consolidated assembly solutions for several common functions and requirements including:


Features of our enclosure box-build assemblies include:


Enclosure box-build assemblies benefit the production process with:

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