About Paneltronics

Power Distribution Panels - 19" Rack Mount

Paneltronics Rack Mount Panels are designed for control, monitoring, and protection of AC and DC electrical loads. These panels have all of the features and benefits of the Premier Line Panels. However, they are specifically designed for mounting onto Electronic Industries Association (EIA) compliant 19" racks accommodating preferred 482.60 mm standard panel widths and the modular unit "U" height of 44.45 mm.

These Rack Mount panels can be used to quickly and easily configure custom power distribution systems. They offer a varied selection of modular designs that combined can create large or small systems. The series includes panels for 12VDC, 24VDC, and 120VAC-60Hz, 240VAC-60Hz, and 220VAC-50Hz.

Paneltronics designs and manufactures custom Power Distribution solutions for numerous applications and across multiple industries. Quality, custom PDU’s can be configured and designed for your specific application.

Please contact our technical sales team for additional information.

(305) 823-9777


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