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Where can I purchase Paneltronics pre-engineered panels?

Paneltronics offers its products through wholesale distributors, catalog retailers, and dealers. Check our list of domestic and international dealers offering our products. You can also purchase our products online through this web site.

I am an OEM with requirements for custom panels, clusters, or systems. How do I proceed?

The majority of Paneltronics' customers are OEM manufactures so custom products are an everyday request. Simply contact Paneltronics Sales at sales@paneltronics.com and provide us with your needs and requirements. Technical support is available to provide a custom solution.

Can I send Paneltronics CAD drawings for my custom panels?

In today's electronic age this is a must. Paneltronics routinely receives CAD File drawings via email. We suggest that these be sent to us as DXF and/or DWG files, which usually provide the best compatibility. Send these to sales@paneltronics.com.

Can panels be hinged?

Hinges are available for all Paneltronics panels. When placing your order, please specify your preferred hinge location – top, bottom, right, or left. A hinge will simplify your installation as well as future service to the electrical panel.

Can I specify amperage ratings and labels for each panel?

Yes. Paneltronics Premier and Deluxe product lines are customized to your specifications. A completed configuration order form will list your preferred breaker ratings and the panel will be customized and completely pre-wired to help reduce the installation time.

What is the difference between Premier and Deluxe panels?

Premier panels account for the majority of our sales. These panels include backlit labels, illuminated meters, and LED indicators for each branch breaker. Deluxe panels do not have lights. Deluxe panels may be used in commercial applications, or installations where panels are behind doors and illumination is not necessary.

Do you offer digital meters?

Digital meters are available as an upgrade for both Premier and Deluxe panels. These highly accurate ( 1% ) meters, have red LED display digits. See Digital Meter specification sheet for more details.

How long does it take to make a panel?

At Paneltronics, we take pride in having the shortest leadtime in the industry. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we do all the manufacturing in house. This allows us to offer our customers the quickest turn around time possible.

Paneltronics Standard line and Waterproof switch panels are factory stocked for immediate delivery. Most panels from our Premier and Deluxe product line which are customized to your specifications will ship in 5-7 working days. Custom OEM panels typically run 4 weeks from initial design to production and delivery.

What is the panel face material?

Panels are made from corrosion resistant 1/8” aluminum. Each panel is then coated with a two-part polyurethane, for years of worry free performance.


As indicated above, our products are exposed to extreme conditions and harsh environments. All paint must hold up to salt spray, road chemicals, excessive cold, heat and humidity. Our application process uses the latest techniques and equipment that allows us to meet the most demanding environmental requirements. Each application is performed by highly trained and experienced personnel, to ensure that all final finishes meet your highest standards.

How long is the warranty?

Paneltronics offers a Three Year warranty with all Premier, Deluxe, and Standard product lines. See TERMS AND CONDITIONS for detailed information.

How can Paneltronics help me in selecting the proper panel for my application?

Although the ultimate decision rests with the electrician or the end user, Paneltronics offers technical support. Factory trained technicians are available to discuss your panel requirements, and electrical specifications. Based on the information you provide, our techs can recommend the best possible panel for your application.

Which shipping company is used to ship my order?

Orders are shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.

Has my order shipped? Can you provide a tracking number?

Upon placing an order, you will be given a target ship date. If for some reason your order does not arrive as scheduled, you may contact our customer service desk at 305-823-9777 ext. 231 for assistance in tracking your order.

How can I choose the Function Label for my panel?

Paneltronics offers over 3,000 function labels for a multitude of different applications. You can review, select, and purchase your LABELS HERE

Can I have a CUSTOM function label made?

The short answer is: Yes. However, it is much quicker and more cost effective to select from our existing list of function labels.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, there is a minimum order amount of $25.00.

What is the delivery time?

Leadtimes vary according to the product. Panels from our Standard and Waterproof line are factory stocked for immediate delivery. Our Deluxe and Premier Panels, custom loaded to your specifications will usually ship 5-7 working days after order confirmation.

Can you make a custom panel for me?

Making a true, “one-off” custom panel is an expensive proposition. However, it is possible to use an existing panel design, and customize it to meet your application. Our pre-engineered product line offers numerous customizing options to meet your electrical requirements.

Can you provide a Wiring Diagram for a panel?

Yes. Click on this link: WIRING DIAGRAMS and you can view and download our wiring diagrams.

Can you help me with the wiring / installation of my panel?

There are a number of factors that must be carefully considered for the correct and safe installation and operation of an electrical panel. Our panels are used in a wide number of applications and we strongly recommend that you consult an experienced, licensed electrician.

I have found a panel that comes close to what I need, but it does not have enough circuit breakers on it. Can you install more circuit breakers on it?

Paneltronics product line is modular in design. You may combine several modular panels to obtain the number of circuits required. In addition, these modular panels may be mounted on a frame and hinged, thus making the assembly look as a single panel.

Are the digital meters calibrated?

Yes. Digital meters are factory calibrated. Erroneous readings may be due to an improper wiring connection. Please review all connections: WIRING DIAGRAMS, DATA SHEETS/DIGITAL METERS

Do you offer waterproof panels?

Yes. We offer a complete product line of water proof panels, designed for exposed applications. These include circuit breaker and fused panels. These include circuit breaker and fused panels. Click PANELS for additional information.

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