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Your Simple Guide to Marine Instrument Panel

Marine instrument panels are products specifically designed for the Marine Sector; they have been defined as a response to the constant evolution of electrification in the outdoor sectors. Nowadays, there is not only a demand for protection devices that safely interrupt the energy due to the effect of a short circuit, but also the demand for electrical panels that are integrated in environments with high levels of salinity, corrosion and temperatures, responding to all the premises and needs that arise in distribution panels in any of the modalities.

Below are a few components as an example of a regular marine instrument panel:

Thermomagnetic switch:

It fulfills the function of a manual switch, circuit breaker activated by short circuits and activated by overcurrents. They are calibrated for different values of electric current intensity. The connection is through screw terminals and the assembly is done through DIN rail.

Differential switch (thermal magnetic circuit breaker)

It fulfills the same function as the thermomagnetic switch (protection by short circuit and overload). but fundamentally protects us from electric shocks caused by equipment. It is the only element that will protect us from electrocution (protect any living being)

There are two models on the market, bipolar or tetrapolar (2 poles or 4 poles), in both cases the neutral, is also isolated in case of drive. Mounting is via DIN rail.

Terminal blocks

They are used to make interconnections between cables, avoiding in this way to make splices and the use of insulating tape. There are several models and calibers for cables, as well as accessories such as stoppers, covers, different forms of connection (screw, pressure) will depend on the use you want to give. The assembly is carried out by means of DIN rail.

We offer a complete range of marine instrument panels and systems for the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors as well as for integrators, and OEM ́s.

Our objectives are:

  1. To make efficient use of electrical energy
  2. Increase industrial productivity
  3. Reduce environmental impact in a sustainable way

Developed for the most diverse market sectors, Paneltronics manufactures a marine instrument panel that complies with international quality and performance standards and requirements, guaranteeing safety for operators and their assets. The high standardization index of these types of equipment allows easy assembly, installation, maintenance, future expansions, and interchangeability.